RE/MAX Growth 

The most powerful testament to the strength and value of the RE/MAX Concept is the networks unparalleled growth. RE/MAX has increased its agent count every month since the first Associate joined in January 1973. On average in 2004, an agent joined a RE/MAX office somewhere in the world every hour of every day. With each additional agent, the network increases in yard signs, referral opportunities, national advertising funds and market share. That all adds up to more business for each individual agent.


  • At the end of 2005, the RE/MAX network had more that 114,000 Associates.

  • The number of open offices has increased every year since the first office opened in 1973. The RE/MAX Network now has more than 6,200 offices in more than 63 countries.

  • From the adoption of the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon as its corporate symbol to the entry into national advertising, the organization has taken giant steps along the way to build awareness in the public mind. In 2006, RE/MAX television advertising alone is expected to make 4 billion impressions in North America. Commercials are also shown around the world throughout Europe, Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean and elsewhere. In 2006, print ads are in national publications such as Time, People, Money, Fortune and National Geographic, among others. RE/MAX promotions are also appearing on popular national radio programs, Internet sites and at sporting and charity events. RE/MAX national advertising reinforces with consumers the local image established by each individual RE/MAX Affiliate: RE/MAX is synonymous with the best in real estate service.